Friday, March 26, 2010

The View

Is the view so different
From where you are?
It's not that we have to see
Eye to eye
On everything
All that I ask
Is that we are careful
Not to blindside each other

Although now
I'm not even in your sights
Your periphery
I'm in your rearview mirror
Or do you not bother
To ever look back
And if you do
Do you sneer
As you look back
For the mess you left behind
Or do you appreciate
The fact that I tried
And gave everything
I had to give
And would've given more
Just to know you
One more day

The view from here
It's lonely
And I have to stop
Looking back
To my happiest days
So that I don't lose my step
I seem to keep
Tripping over myself
One of these days
It may not be so easy
To stand back up

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