Monday, November 15, 2010


Chained forever
In my mind
Unable to reach
What is already
Within my grasp
My brain
Can't erase
The past
The last one
The only one
Or so I thought
So where
Can I find
Some freedom

I need freedom
To love again
I need love
To live again
I need life
To grow again
I need growth
To be sane again
Was I
(And could I ever be?)

Is a present
In the sunlight
Away from
The shadows
Of the past
The clouds
Of aftermath
The last
Into the atmosphere
Of a new day

Monday, November 8, 2010


Sunday I was lucky enough to be able to attend my writing workshop.  The assignment was to choose one or more of the following phrases to write your piece:

1.  Invites you to discover;
2.  They get only a fraction of that amount;
3.  Reduce their perception of pain;
4.  Increased from one decade to the next; and
5.  Not in the traditional sense.

This was my poem:

If only
I could reduce their perception of pain
The burns would not burn so deep
The amputation would help them sleep
The fall would be more of a flight
The tears would not last through the night

If only
They got a fraction of that amount
They would have value they could actually count
They would work for each dollar they had
The would lose and actually get mad

If only
Love increased from one decade to the next
Humanity could give war a rest
Families would find room to heal
People would remember how to feel

If only
I could invite you to discover
The part of me I keep undercover
I could possibly be whole
I could, possibly, be whole

Ballerinarai Deux


Samurai is the last one on the right in the last row.