Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thanks Friends

In Tears

In tears
I greet the morning
Another day
Of trying
To mitigate
My sadness

Another day
Of failure

I thought to post
On Facebook
A note of gratitude
For friends

And then I remembered
How people scold me
For being too personal
Putting too much out there

I was going to say
I am struggling right now
But am thankful
For everyone
Who cares
Each person
Is a breath of air
To which naturally
You cling
When you are suffocating

I guess maybe
I will post that
After all.

Okay well,
My post ended up a little different
Than I intended.

Then again,
So did my life.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Every single day
I make a mistake
Every. Single. Day.
The mistake?
Thinking you might resemble
Just 1%
Of the man
I met
6 years ago.

Possessing human decency
Regard for others
Love, even.

But not for me.
Not for Mee.

I would like to say
I will stop
Making this mistake

But what can I say
At heart
I'm a dreamer
Even shattered
It still dreams
Not for love
Only for kindness
Maybe a little understanding
A tiny crumb
Of consideration
A thimble
Of respect

Maybe I won't ever
Stop making that mistake
Because you're his father after all
And children
Learn by example

So giving up
On the idea
You might treat me
Like something other
Than shit you stepped in
And can't fully wipe off your shoe
Will be letting go
Of the idea
My son
Will have a good decent example
Of what it is
To be a man
Who treats others
(Women especially)
With kindness
And respect
If they're not currently putting out
For you

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Tears

One has your name

It's more than one

They are for lost love

They are for love I never had

They are for the loneliness
That wakes me
At 3:00 a.m.
To hold its hand
And remind me
How empty
My bed feels
At 3:00 a.m.

They are for the children
Because their life
Their home
Their mother
Is not beautiful
Like on TV
Or in the movies

They are for the stress
Of a day
That begins before dawn
And doesn't end
Until, exhausted
And defeated
I fall into bed
For those precious few hours
Of unconsciousness
Before Loneliness
Wakes me again

They are for gratitude
Because despite all the mess
My life is not empty
And despite all the drama
I still have friends
And despite myself
I am. Still. Here.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


6:00 - Wake-up and work until laptop battery dies (left my charger at work in a hurry to pick-up Nexen from the bus stop after realizing in a meeting I was three minutes late on Friday)
7:45 - Wake-up Nexen to get him to 8:15 soccer, get him dressed and make breakfast burritos.
8:00 - Need to leave for soccer to get there on time but Nexen has to go potty.
8:15 - Out the door, literally run with Nexen on my shoulders to soccer.
8:30 - Nexen's father shows up unannounced at soccer with his girlfriend's daughter and sit next to where I am standing.  I move to the other side of the field and try to calm myself.
8:50 - Nexen doesn't want to play in the soccer game.  He sits on my lap and cries and I half-heartedly try to to convince him to go back out.  I know why he's upset and doesn't want to play.
9:15 - Soccer is over and Nexen's dad asks if he can play with his girlfriend's daughter on the playground for a while.  I have to get to a funeral service and then get Sami to dance classes so I agree on the condition he take Nexen to Abacus at the house when he is done.  So I guess that worked out.
9:30 - Sami and I walk to funeral service for old co-worker's husband.
10:30 - We have to leave halfway through the service to get Sami to dance, never even get to pay our respects because I didn't want to disrupt the service.
11:00 - Make it to dance class, Sami forgot her tap shoes.  Can I bring them to her before tap class at 4:30.  Of course.
11:15 - Walk to work to get charger for laptop so I can work tonight.
12:30 - Make daily goal of 12,000 steps.
12:45 - Get home and play with Nexen.  Interrupt Abacus on his 8 hour facetime conversation with girl from school a few times.
3:00 - Take Nexen and head to the bus stop to take Sami her tap shoes.
3:45 - Get to dance school and wait until 5:30 for Sami to finish Fusion 2 auditions and tap class.
5:30 - Allow Sami to talk me into Ubering us home because she can hardly move after her full day of dance.
6:00 - Get home and make dinner.
7:00 - Make ice cream run with Abacus.  Pours raining on us on the way home.
9:00 - Nexen falls asleep watching "Pirates of the Carribean".  I finish watching it by myself.
11:00 - Overcome by love and gratitude.  Samurai's passion for dance, Ab's for soccer and Nexen's for life.  Nexen has been verbalizing sadness and frustration about having to be "shared".  The new schedule has been hard for him I know.  The boys were bickering when they were at home alone this morning.  I talked to Nexen about family and how it is the foundation and strength of the love in our heart. Sometimes in our heads we get frustrated with people but in our hearts we love them and we need to be careful to always speak from our heart and not our head because it's hurtful.  He was sweet and understanding.  He expressed love towards his brother the rest of the day.  I should probably talk to Abacus about it too though.
11:17 - Grateful for everyone who is helping me raise my children.  I shouldn't feel alone as often as I do.  There are so many people who help me.  I don't and can't say thank you enough.  I love you.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Face to Face

Face to face
With the life
I ruined
The only one
Completely innocent
It makes me sick
How he doesn't think
To protect her
But why do I
Any common decency
From that man

Face to face
With the path
The look
On her face
Could not be

My life
For yours
I would
Have given it
I still would
If it could make things
Whole again
For you

I will
Be sorry


I am no stranger
To carrying
Extra weight
On my shoulders
Often enough
I meet people
So amazing
They want
To help me
Carry it

But all it takes
Is one
Who wants
To bury me
Under it

I have met him
It is working
You are winning