Sunday, March 18, 2018

Where were you?

Where were you
When I was lost
Searching for truth
In the darkness
Of deceit

Where were you
When I was looking
For meaning
In the space
Between my breaths

Where were you
When I was crying
Of sorrow
Pools of pain

Where were you
When I was wandering
And alone

Where were you
When I cried out
For an end
To the misery
Of this chosen path

Were you watching
Were you listening
Were you hoping

Were you waiting
Were you wandering
Were you writing

There were times
I thought I knew
It was you

There were times
I was sure
It wasn't

At this time
All I know
Is that you're out there

And that your path
Was as difficult
As mine

And the strength
We'll have together
When it's time
Is unobtainable
To anyone
But us

So it doesn't matter
Where you were
And it doesn't matter
Where you are
All that matters
Is that we're ready
When we find each other
For the first time
For the last time
For the only time

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Today my heart rises
Large and full
Like a supermoon
Thirteen years ago
Your birth journey
Brought to surface
Not only
The strength
I hold within
The strength
Of all women

Moving inside me
Moving through me
Moving me

I remember
Your first smile
Your first wave
Your first kiss
Your first hug
Your first step

Traveling through
The twists and turns
Of my memories
Of you
I am reminded
Over and over
How you taught me
To love
How you taught me
The importance
Of being myself
How you taught me
That true strength
Is keeping
An open heart
Even when you're hurting

And so today
We celebrate
Your journey
Thirteen years
Of beauty
In mind
In spirit
In action
Thirteen years
Of loving you

I'm still growing
Into my role
As your mother
You're still growing
Your mind
Your spirit
Your actions
And I'm so proud
Of every moment
Of our journey

I love you Sami