Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(Another) Conversation with Myself

Heart:  Life hurts and I need a hug.
Body:  Don't you dare let anyone touch  you.  Look what you've done to me letting people close.
Mind:  Everyone is out to get you.  Or at the very least don't understand you.  And no one thinks you can manage this on your own.  They think you're weak and stupid and emotional.
Heart:  But life hurts, and I really need a hug.
Body:  Yeah, and I am kinda tired.  Would be nice to be held for a minute.
Mind:  Stop conspiring against me you two!  I'm telling you it's all your fault we're at this place in life and it's a horrible fucking place to be.
Heart:  What happened to you?  I thought we were opening up...
Mind:  Yeah, I thought that over and I'm too scared.
Body:  Me too.
Heart:  I believe in both of you.  We need to open up anyway, to let the baby out.  We need to practice.  And it's unhealthy to shut everyone out.
Mind:  But everyone is stupid.
Heart:  (Laughing) No, you're just thinking that about yourself and projecting.  You need to get over yourself.
Mind:  (Sheepishly) Yeah, I guess you're right.  Sorry.
Body:  My bad too guys, I know I'm making things a little crazy right now, these hormones are necessary though, you know, for the baby.
Heart and Mind:  It's okay.


End of conversation.