Monday, January 21, 2013


I’m not always sure
Where to look
To find myself
Does that mean
After all these years
I’m still lost
Or does it mean
After all these years
I’m still elusive
What does it mean
When you elude

Or maybe
The problem is
That I’m disappearing
All these things
I once thought
I might become
One by one
I find
The mere idea
A w a y

I miss you
You know
The way you once
Completed me
The happiness
We shared
Perhaps that
Is what I’m looking for
And then again
Perhaps not

Don’t get me wrong
I’m not saying I’m looking
For you
I’m saying
I’m looking
For that feeling
Of belonging
To something
I once believed
Was more special
Than anything else
In the universe

Is an ugly color
And it looks terrible
With my skin tone
I’m going
To go change
Out of it