Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Love Again

Every day
I fall in love again
I wake-up
And gaze upon
My three little sleeping children
All cuddled in bed together
To the fact
They are outgrowing
Mama's bed
For the comfort it brings
Any discomfort
And me
With my aging bones
Which protest in the morning
I still find
That connection
Through the night
That comfort
And warmth
Is more important
Than some sore muscles

Who can believe in me
When I can't believe in myself?
My children can.

Who can love me
When I can't love myself?
My children can.

Of all the loves
I have lost
In my life
I will do everything
I possibly can
To hold on to theirs

Because every day
I want to wake-up
And find myself
In love again