Tuesday, June 13, 2017

You Are

You Are

Of my body
In my heart
On my mind

The tear
I won't let fall
The hug
I won't let end
The kiss
I won't let fade

My earth
Grounding me
My home
Sheltering me
My breath
Guiding me

You are

Worth the wait
Worth the fight
Worth the climb

This uphill battle
Is it cresting?

Doesn't matter
I'm not resting
I'll shoulder the burden
Until I can walk no more

And then...
And then I'll crawl

Whatever I have to do
I won't give up on you

I don't make a lot of promises
Because it hurts when they are broken
And you can't always keep
To the path
That once seemed so clear

But to you 
To you I promise
And every day
I will believe in us
And I will fight for us
Until there is no fight left

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