Friday, June 16, 2017

Have You

Have you
Taken your final stab
Or is there more
To come
Are you
Lying in the grass
Licking your chops
Enjoying the taste
Of my blood
As you ripped out
Yet another
Piece of my heart
Are you
Coming for the rest
In a few months
In a few years
How many more tears
Am I going to taste
Salty on my lips
Bitter in my heart
Making me want
To end all the pain
But knowing
Only you
Will gain
Everyone else
Will lose
So I have to walk
Zombie like
Through my days
Pretending my world
Is okay
While inside
My soul writhes
In pain
Slashed again
And again
By your sword
You struck from the back
The coward's way
You always
The coward's way
To think
I once
Regarded you
My mistake
The kind
I pay for
The rest
Of my life

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