Thursday, June 2, 2011


An old song I've always loved...

And an old poem of mine...

 Slanted Eyes

You look at me
Through slanted eyes
As you surmise
Presume to know
All I choose to show
Is not just my disguise
But I am more
Than what you see
Knowledge is key
Locked inside the box of prejudice
To be opened by understanding
Which you swept under the carpet of arrogance
And left out on the landing
For you to wipe your feet upon
And then walk on
Walk past
To a whole world of things
That never last
More than a minute
A minute that is not always sixty seconds
But it counted
If you count it
You can slow it down
But discount it
And the truth is found
Time flies
Like society lies
And you look at me with slanted eyes

And yes, my eyes are slanted too
But nature slanted mine
Not my absence of mind
Power beyond me
What you allow yourself to be
Limits what you see
And yes, my eyes are slanted too
But my mind is open wide

Wider than your mouth at birth
When you came screaming out onto this earth
Sliding into the doctor's hands
So he could fasten yours with bands
That tell you who you are
Where you belong
Who's your rightful mom
Rightful mom?
Mom with rights
Birth may have taken her to new heights
But still she fights
To keep a roof over her own head
So to ensure you will be fed
She sold her rights
Never to turn on the lights
So your darkest nights
Are spent alone
In a new home
Groping for a comfort zone
In your seclusion
Mounting confusing
Impending delusion
Mental contusion
Rejection of an entire nation...

Oh wait, that's me
Life through my slanted eyes
Now there's a hole in my disguise
I've been fed more than enough lies
To fill the hole
But the whole truth
And nothing but the truth
Is what I seek
And what I speak

You look down from the hightest peak
And no longer see the landing
The landing with the carpet
Under which you swept the understanding
Which would open the box
To release the key
So knowledge is not only lost
But not even sought
Because you won't come down
Long enough for it to be found

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