Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I don't want
To teach my children
How to look at things
I want
To show them
How to see

I don't want
To instruct my children
On how to live
I want
To set them free
So they can Be

I don't want them to be hurt
Or sad
In pain
Or in trouble
But how else does one learn healing
If they never hurt
How do you truly feel happiness
If you've never been sad
How can you appreciate wellness
If you've known no ailment
And who can decide to be good
When you've never felt what it is to be bad

I don't want
My children to know
Some ideal projection of myself
I want them to know
The real me
That's not to say
I don't strive to give them my best
The difference is
I don't hide my worst

The future
I never thought I had
I never thought I wanted
Is in my children
And everything they take away
From knowing me
I want it to be real

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