Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 12, 2008

If this is tonight
Then what of tomorrow
I've misplaced my dreams
Have you one I can borrow?

I'd like to think that gradually
I'll put to rest that fragile me
And bounce back from this tragedy
That split apart my family
But don't you know that tragedy
Was something that was born in me
And even if I've sworn to be
Do I believe that possibly
I'm capable of living peaceably
When all that does reside in me
Is ultimately contradictory
To the person that I try to be
And sometimes I can hide it, see
But when people confide in me
The honesty collides down deep
And tragic thoughts disrupt my sleep
And negativity will creep
And then my conscious mind does leak
All the strength I tried to keep
And stockpile
Knowing that it could be a while
And I may just forget to smile
In the face of tragedy
That would expose the fragile me

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