Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dear World,

I am imperfect.  And terribly, tragically human.  As such, I make terribly, tragically human messes.  But I am still learning, and I am still growing.  And I can finally see the beauty in all the mess.

Anyway, I started all this to ask you, World, to just accept me as I am.  To love me, just as I am.  For my entire life I believed I had to be different, to act different, to change just a little bit more to deserve love.  But finally, I realized (was taught), we ALL deserve love, even me, even in our imperfect states.  

So today, I make my proclamation of emancipation.  My declaration of interdependence.  All these years I worked to fix myself and blame myself for others not being able to see my good qualities.  Today, I'm done with all that.  I am a good person.  Yes, I have made many, many, many, many mistakes.  I still make mistakes, every day.  Some of them, I am embarrassed to say, I even repeat.  But my heart is beautiful, and that makes me beautiful.  Even in its fragile, broken state, my heart beats bright and true and loud and shines and sings through the darkest of days.

And I am not alone.  And I need you, my friends, my acquaintances, my future loves, to remind me from time to time.  I need to depend on you, in a way I have never allowed myself to do.  Just as I need to depend on myself, and open, and trust, and trust, and trust.

I will make this world a better place.  I will be a better person every day.  And I will remember, I am good enough now.



  1. I hate how people say they are this and they are that; but there actions do not add will need to delete this one too....and all old ones that pertained to me, my husband and my family. 2011 would be a good year!

    1. This does not say anything about you, your husband or your family. I edited to take out that reference, which was obscure in the first place. This post is about me and my transformation from the person I was in 2011 to the person I am now.

      My actions absolutely add-up, but your perception will probably never allow you to see that. I have come to terms with that fact.

    2. "words can change how you feel about life, but actions can change your whole life"

      what about 2011 bolgs that pertained about me, my husband, and my family; and if your transformation is so you stated in this blog; why did I need to ask you to delete or change anything?