Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

The sun
To their earth
The moon
To their stars

For a precious time
We are
The biggest 
And most important 
To them
As they
To us

To grow
Their tiny,
Fragile bodies

To birth
These precious babes

To watch
As they learn to do
We take for granted 

Lift their head
Recognize your face
Grasp an object
Learn to speak

Both slowly 
And at the speed of light
Their hand
Stops reaching for yours
When you walk together

Their frame
Outgrows your lap
And your legs grow numb 
When they try it anyway

Their minds work
In ways
Increasingly difficult 
To understand 

Their vocabulary 
Becomes a code to crack
And they look to their peers
As often 
As they look to you
(Or more)

And letting go
Battle suspicion 
And the desire
To hold them close

And off
They go

We watch now
From a distance 
And trust
In our own hearts

And wait for signs 
That we did
At least a few

I hope 
Trying to raise
My three children
As well as my Mom
Raised her three
Is a good enough sign
For her

Happy Mother's Day!

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