Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Brighter Path

A compassionate heart
Does not curse the sky
For the falling rain
It sees the greater purpose
Like helping the flowers 
To bloom again

A compassionate heart
Does not cry out in pain
Screaming why and how
Over and over again
It aches to make things right
And does not seek to blame

A compassionate heart
Will always cultivate love
Without thought of personal gain
Without expectation of return
Without conditions or stipulations

A compassionate heart
Beats inside my chest
It is my brain
I need to quiet
It is my thinking
I need to change

When I listen to my heart
All that remains
Is love
And understanding
For everyone
And everything

When everyone is quiet
I hear my heart
So loud and strong
I know my path
I hear my soul's song

When everything is quiet
And I turn off my brain
I hear the most beautiful refrain
As my compassionate heart
Dances to its own beat
And I am bathed in a love
Which can suffer no defeat

I love to dance
This beat
I love to sing
This song
I love this peace of mind
Which allows me to hear it
And relish in it all

I remember when I close my mind
And fancy myself standing tall
It is merely my defensive armor
Which will hurt me when I fall
And I know I will fall
Because that inevitably happens
When I cannot see
And one can never truly see
With their mind closed

I thank the universe
For this beautiful gift
This seed of truth
I allowed to grow
And in doing so
I came to know
So many things
I never would have seen
Any other way
Like my own light shining
Through this darkest time
Like my own heart surrendering
All that was never mine
Like my own reality shattering
And breaking for all time

I will never again close my eyes to truth
I will never again stray from honor
I will never again follow a path
Which leads me through the kind of darkness
Which threatens to extinguish my light

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