Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Because not all days are created equal...

From darkness
Into golden light
Your beauty
Breaks down walls
Your strength
Inspires others
To take flight

I am no stranger
To the sleepless night
I am no stranger
To the tragic plight
Of a life of traveling
The road not taken

However close
We ever were
Was never close enough
For me to truly see
Until recently

However far
We ever go
Will never be far enough
For me to forget

As our lives
In and out of darkness
Daring us
To be our own
Door to bright
I turn to you
My baby sister
And bask in the love
That sets your soul alight

Thank you
For sharing your love
Your time
Your thoughts
Your insight

Thank you
For sharing your world
And teaching me
A thing or two
About doing more
Than merely surviving
But taking a life of hardship
And being brave enough
To come out thriving

I hurt
As you hurt
I cry
As you cry
I grieve
As you grieve
I love
As you love
I grow
As you grow
I shine
As you shine

The strength
We see
In each other
Is not
Mere reflection
What it is
Is love’s perfection
Sisterly protection
The sweetest confection
Our heart’s projection

When you breathe in
I am here for you
When you breathe out
I am here for you
And my heart swells
With the knowledge
Are there for me

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