Friday, March 30, 2012

I am the universe made alive

The world turns cold
And the darkness knows
How best to defeat me
But the darkness
Could never see
The light
Inside of me
And I exploded
Out from under
From beneath
That fucking mountain
Where I was suffocating
From love induced
Modern day
Fairy tales
Of forever
In his arms
In his heart
And the tears start
Just as the music stops
But still my heart sings
My own salvation song
And as I love
I hurt
And as I let go
I hurt
And as I live
I hurt
But as I hurt
I heal
And as I hurt
I grow
And as I hurt
I come to know
So many things
I could not see
Inside of me
He lit me up
Then shut me out
Then blamed me
For not being able to see
And that’s okay
I blame me too
And in the end
I forgive us both
And in the end
I will return
With love in my heart
But not in my eyes
Yet we are not near enough
To the end
So I will continue
To hide my eyes
Where the truth shines
But I will never
Allow him to see me
Like this
It is not safe
Because I will never
Cross that line again
Into that land
I did not belong
Where there was no place
For someone like me
Now I see
Now I see
It is too late
But now I see
At last
I can be free

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