Monday, January 30, 2012


I have some tears inside
They want to come out
Be released
But lately
There has not been a safe place
Or time
And I feel them
And occasionally
They just leak out
But I need an outpouring

What I really wish
Is that there was someone
Who could hold me
In their arms
And let me cry
Until I become empty of tears
Who would understand
That everything is okay
I am fine
I just
I just need to cry

What I really wish
Is that I could go
To my Daddy
Like when I was a little girl
And sit in his lap
And tell him my troubles
And cry away my sorrows
And have him wipe my tears
When I am through
And tell me
Everything will be okay

But those safe harbors
No longer exist for me
I don't trust
Any grownup
Enough to let them hold me
Or enough to believe them
If they were to tell me
Everything will be okay

The only person
I can truly trust
Is me
And I've been holding myself
And comforting myself
All these months
And I'm tired

I just wish
For one moment
Someone else
Could be strong for me
So I could let go of these tears

Just wants to be my baby
She's so afraid
Of all the coming change
I have a secret
I haven't told her
I just want
To be someone's baby

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