Friday, January 27, 2012

Here Inside

Here inside this dream
I'm living as my life
The shadows dance around the truth
Polluting the corners of my mind
I need to find that light
From which they cannot hide
I need to find that love
To eternally reside

I walk the streets alone
(Although sometimes I am beside myself)
Yet I breathe in air for two
And I know that children are the greatest wealth

I believed once in a man
And it was a foolish thing to do
For that man captured a heart
To which he could not be true

Every step I take
I feel more and more alive
Every breath I breathe
I pray for the pain to subside
And the universe answers me back
Love him less
And you will be free

If you do not love him
He can no longer harm you
Then  you can forgive
And live with peace in your heart

And so my poor heart weeps
And works to gain control
Of this love that spread
From heart to mind
To body
To this new soul

To extinguish
To forgive
To let go
To cease to live

I look up at the buildings
Their beautiful lines
These structures built
By us
For us
With walls
Keeping secrets

Will I ever know a man
Who can see the truth in my words
The reality in my heart
And be strong enough
To accept
And reciprocate
This love I have to give

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