Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Morning

Good morning, Brain.
Good morning, Heart.  Well, you've really gone and done it now, haven't you?
Are you happy with yourself?
No, not at all.  But where were you in all this?
Oh, believe me, I was busy warning you as always.  As always, you chose to ignore me.
This loneliness is so vast.
I know.  But we're doing the right thing now.  I know how hard it is for you to let go.  I'm very proud of the strength you showed last night.
Thank you.  But would I have not felt more full waking-up next to him this morning?
No.  His presence is a placebo.  You know he will just leave and go home to her.  The happiness you feel when he is with you only amplifies the sadness you feel when he has gone back to her.
Oh Brain, how did I not see this coming?  Everybody warned me.
Because, my Heart, you are too trusting and giving and sincere where others are not.
Brain, I long for him.
You will.  Every day for the rest of your life.
*sigh*  I know I am strong, but I feel weak.
All the more reason to stay away from him.
This is such the antithesis of what I saw coming.
No, Heart, you are never able to see these things coming.  You just throw yourself all in and then, after, you look back and understand how things could have been different.
I know.  I was so attracted by his foresight.  And ability to plan.
And he was likely attracted by your impetuousness.  Looks like you won.
Funny, I don't feel much like a winner.
Heart, let me explain something to you.  I have never understood you, for all my intelligence and logic, you have always defied me.  Yet I admire that you are so strong that no matter what is thrown at you in life, you find a way to love again.  And with such reckless abandon it dizzies me sometimes.  For all we have been through, and all we have yet to achieve in our life, I stand behind you one hundred percent.  Even when you are foresaken by all others.
Thank you, Brain.  I am lucky to have you.  Thank you for not abandoning me.
How, dear Heart, could I ever do that?  There is no other love such as yours.
Well, there is one.
We will see about that.

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