Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yay!  I made it to another Zelda's. We did a phrase poem where Tom picked random phrases out of the "Urbanite" and we wrote based on those.  The phrases were:

Until the age of 21
A unique selection
White foam churns on the surface
Spend less time in their cars
Taking a class on sound
No boys allowed
Appeals to and attracts the people
The Summer of 1919

I chose to write all the words vertically, in order, and create matching sentences, as follows:

Until the end of time
The wisdom of the sages
Age indeterminate
Of forever we drink and eat
21 days later
A chemical collides
Unique and ubiquitous
Selection is natural
White clouds polka dotted with blue
Foam residue marks the tide even as it
Churns like an upset stomach
On the cusp of your first performance
The night beckons and you examine the
Surface of the playing field
Spend time trying to determine if
Less is more
Time does not stand still
In the freeze frame 
Their lips almost touch and
Cars pass by
Taking no notice
A baby is born
Class ends
On the sweetest Sunday
Sound is eaten like candy
No child can resist
Boys searching for the next best thing
Allowed to find themselves among
Appeals from several women
To infinity
And beyond.  Space
Attracts me and I am summoned to
The outer rim.  Outside of him.
People cannot find me underneath all
The vocabulary but it is
Summer and the sky
Of blue is reminiscent of

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